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‘Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.’ (Albert Einstein)

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Use the power of music in the to promote the healthiest, most productive work environment possible. 


The business world is primarily focused on prosperity and concrete measurable results. Often the well-being of organisations, and it’s individuals is forgotten about in light of this primary objective. Difficult to pin-point and measure, well-being can be all too easily overlooked. However, in every business organisation well-being of the individual and company as a whole, is integral to its core strength.  

our mission

Artfully Minded Consultancy is focused on the well-being of an organisation. How to get to grips with this illusive power and use it effectively in your business? For that Artfully Minded harnesses all the facets and power of the artistic creative process, and puts art back to business. 

our approach

Artfully Minded believes in a made to measure approach. Each organisation we work with is unique in its make up and has different requirements at different times. To develop the best possible program for your company alongside orientation conversations, we use two workshop sessions to tailor our approach. 
Our partners in developing programmes for your business are:
Action Learning in the Netherlands,
Art of Movement,

is your business operating in a 21st century way?

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workshop: "take the lead and be led" (voor MAANDAG)

workshop: "take the lead and be led"2019

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